Minecraft Force Op 1.7.2 Download [New UPDATE]

October 29, 2013 Posted by admin


A lot of you might be looking for the Minecraft Force Op 1.7.2 which is finally released today and using that you can easily gain Op in all minecraft servers.

How to Force Op Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft Force Op is not hard if you are thinking about it. With the help of Minecraft Force Op 1.7.2 tool you can force op minecraft servers in just seconds. What you need to do is to get the Minecraft Force Op 1.7.2 tool which you can download by clicking the download button below.


Download Force op 1.7.2  BELOW





[New Version 1.7.2 Main Features]



Improvements & Changes

  • Resource packs
    • Complete menu overhaul
      • The ability to select multiple resource packs at once.
      • Resource packs at the top take precedence over those below if files appear more than once
      • Allows for non-manual merging of textures from multiple packs, a sound pack and a different texture pack, etc.
    • Servers can offer resource packs
      • Max size increased to 50 MB
  • Sounds
    • You are now able to add new sounds using resource packs
    • Resource packs can now add, remove, supplement, randomize, and group sounds using JSON
    • Sounds and music are now stored together in the new .minecraft/assets/sounds folder
    • Music now pauses when pausing the game
  • Network Code
    • Completely rewritten
    • Uses Netty now
    • Most packets won’t change, handshake and ping procedure redone
    • There is a packet length header
  • Lighting
    • Several lighting issues fixed.
    • A lot fewer “black spots” in the terrain generator.[2]
    • Torch bugs in strongholds and abandoned mine shafts have been fixed.[3][4]
    • The light level actually falls to 7 during thunderstorms now (before it stayed at 12 like normal rain but hostile mobs could spawn as if the light level was 7).
      • The clouds go black and the sky goes much darker.
  • Options
    • Grouped a few options into the Controls section, allowed rebinding of 1-9 hotkeys, screenshot key, cinematic camera toggle (can be rebinded and no longer has a default key), camera switching and added sprint button which will keep re-engaging sprint whenever possible (left control by default)
    • Music & Sounds
      • Now allows separate volume controls for Master Volume, Music, Jukebox/Noteblocks, Weather, Blocks, Hostile Creatures, Friendly Creatures, Players and Ambient/Environment
    • The Resource Pack screen
      • Now a split view to list selected and unselected resource packs – multiple resource packs can now be used simultaneously with higher priority resource packs getting to use eventual duplicate textures/files
    • Video Settings
      • Render Distance is now a slider ranging from 2 to 16 chunks, Max Framerate is now a slider ranging from 10 to 250 fps, Unlimited; Mipmapping can be set to levels 1 to 4 or disabled, Anisotropic Filtering can be set to 2, 4, 8, 16 or disabled
    • Super Secret Settings
      • Plays a random sound when clicked and cycles through various experimental shaders: fxaa, art, bumpy, blobs2, pencil, color_convolve, deconverge, flip, invert, ntsc, outline, phosphor, scan_pincushion, sobel, bits, desaturate, green, blur, wobble, blobs, antialias
    • Language Selection
      • Added ‘Force Unicode Font’ option which allows you to change whether Unicode font is forced for text or not.
  • Inventory
    • The armor boxes get black when empty and away from cursor.
    • Putting cursor over the armor inventory displays which armor is to put on there.
    • In creative mode, the display item for the Decoration Blocks tab changed from the Rose to the new Peonia flower.
  • Server list
    • Can now be refreshed using F5
    • Added server icons
    • Lists the current players on a server when you hover over the player number
    • Added support for multi-line MOTD comments which do not go offscreen
    • Hovering over the player count will now show a few online players
  • Logging
    • Now done using Log4j 2
    • Default logging location is now in logs/latest.logs, older logs are archived in logs/<year>-<month>-<day>-1.lg.gz with the number at the end increasing each startup
    • The way logs are saved can be changed to, for example, html pages, databases, errors only, no logging at all
  • Minecraft Realms
    • Started preparing buying support internally
    • Started offering an option to download the world map



  • Commands
    • /setidletimeout
      • Automatically kick idle players after some time
      • Multiplayer-only command, can be used only by server operators
      • Usage: /setidletimeout <Minutes until kick>
    • /tellraw
      • Is written in json to create “buttons” and formatted text (underlined, bold, italics, colored, etc.) in chat.
      • Usage: /tellraw <player> <raw json message>.
    • /summon
      • Can be used to spawn any entity in the game, including Giants, Ender Crystals, Ender Dragons, and primed TNT.
      • Usage: /summon <EntityName> [x] [y] [z] [dataTag].
    • /achievement
      • Can be used to give a player achievements or statistics.
      • Usage: /achievement give <stat_name> [player].
    • /setblock
      • Can be used to create, delete, or replace a block without the use of FallingSand
      • Usage: /setblock [x] [y] [z] <BlockID> [data] [method] [dataTag].
    • /testforblock
      • Checks for blocks in specific locations
      • Usage: /testforblock <x> <y> <z> <TileName> [dataValue] [dataTag]
    • /setworldspawn
      • Sets the world spawn point for all players (even if they have never joined the server or are offline, but will not override beds)
      • Usage: /setworldspawn [x] [y] [z]
  • Particle effects
    • Fishing now has particle effects.
      • Bubbles will show up moving towards your bobber just before you have something on your hook. This has the appearance of a fish swimming towards the hook.
    • Falling now has particle effects.
      • Particle size depends on distance fallen.
  • New achievements
    • Repopulation
      • Breed two cows with Wheat
      • Requires the “Cow Tipper” achievement
    • Diamonds to you!
      • Throw Diamonds at another player or to a zombie that has the CanPickUpLoot NBT tag
      • Requires the “DIAMONDS!” achievement
    • Adventuring Time
      • Discover all Biomes
      • Requires the “The End?” achievement
    • The Beginning?
      • Spawn the Wither
      • Requires the “The End.” achievement
    • The Beginning.
      • Kill the Wither
      • Requires the “The Beginning?” achievement
    • Beaconator
      • Craft a Beacon
      • Requires the “The Beginning.” achievement
  • New statistics
    • Distance by Horse
    • Junk Fished
    • Treasure Fished
    • Mobs statistics


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